May I kill you, your Majesty
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

May I kill you, your Majesty

Alternative Titles Can I Kill You, Your Majesty?, 죽여도 될까요, 폐하

Synopsis May I kill you, your Majesty

Read May I kill you, your Majesty:
He died because of the prince who was aiming for the throne, and it was the 4th relapse. Can’t die again, the prince…. Let’s twist!
“Say it again. What you said then.”
Castian covered in red blood looked at Earendel and said.
“You say you like me. to be sincere Didn’t you do that?”
Earendel realized only then.
“So if you save my life, say you will be by my side for the rest of my life.”
That something was seriously screwed up.

Released 2023
Author Baek Yideum, Orange Burger
Artist Ilna
Serialization Kakao Webtoon
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