This Bigshot is a Bit Careless
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Type Manhua

This Bigshot is a Bit Careless

Alternative Titles This Bigshot is a Quite Cautious

Synopsis This Bigshot is a Bit Careless

In the virtual platform of the Alliance Academy, the masters of each academy are doing their best for the graduation assessment, and at the same time they are also waiting for the breakers. In the end, a mysterious person code-named Ling, alone refreshed the ninth level of the difficulty of Seth Canyon, and evaluated the resumes of all the graduates of Nanluo College by +1. Amidst the cheers, Lin Chuan, who used the virtual platform Ling account, was in the equipment. The maintenance room smiled helplessly, everything seemed to be hidden…

Released 2021
Author 半步沧桑
Artist 布瓜动漫工作室
Serialization N/A
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